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Celebrating 50 years: Our next journey starts here.

Taking Care

In healthcare, flooring is not simply a design feature. It’s an investment in the health and safety of patients and caregivers alike. Through evidence-based design, you can create supportive spaces that improve operations, efficiencies, and wellness. That begins with the floor. With the right flooring solution, you can ease the cost and time of maintenance, reduce harmful noise, and provide added comfort underfoot — all of which contribute to a happier, healthier environment.

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Find the Right Flooring for Every Space

Explore the breadth of Interface’s integrated flooring system in our latest catalog, your single resource for products in a variety of colors and patterns for healthcare applications. And take a deeper dive into the features and benefits of our high-performance flooring with our healthcare brochure.

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Patient Experience & ROI

Patient outcomes and cost management are the highest indicators of a healthcare facility’s effectiveness. Patients need to rest and recover in quiet, hygienic surroundings. Maintenance teams need to turn over spaces quickly and simplify their maintenance routines. In healthcare spaces, having the right flooring can make a huge impact. Learn more about acoustics and maintenance for carpet tile and LVT.

Health & Safety

Creating safer spaces is about human-centered design. And human-centered design, simply put, is informed by people. It’s important to mitigate patient slips, trips, and falls, just as it’s important to provide underfoot comfort for caregivers who are constantly on their feet. Beyond that, you want flooring that elevates indoor air quality — so patients and caregivers can breathe easier.

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Greenhealth Approved

Carpet tiles backed with Interface's CQuest™Bio backing are certified Greenhealth Approved. Approved products are reviewed against a set of sustainability criteria appropriate for the product category and then reviewed by healthcare providers within the Practice Greenhealth and Greenhealth Exchange. This certification makes it easier for you to choose flooring that aligns with your sustainability goals.

Weaving Sustainability Into Everything We Create

From recycling initiatives to the first ever carbon negative carpet tile, discover how we’re changing the game.


Carbon Neutral Floors

The flooring products we sell are carbon neutral across the full product life cycle through our Carbon Neutral Floors program.
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Product Transparency

We enlist outside partners to evaluate the environmental and human impact of our flooring.
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Recycling & Reuse

We have been actively collecting and recycling post-consumer vinyl backed carpet tiles for over 25 years.
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