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Interface is now a third-party certified Carbon Neutral Enterprise.

Taking the Side Roads

The main road might be the accepted way to go, but an alternative route can make for a much more interesting journey. Thanks to Mr. Frost, we know that taking the road “less travelled by” can make all the difference.

Detours™ and Detours Ahead™ steer our familiar 50 cm squares in an all new direction. Relying on the classic neutral palette they share with the squares and 25 cm x 1 m planks of the Common Theme™ Collection, both styles explore new ways to bring movement to the floor. The bold, angular pattern makes it seem as though these patterns are moving in more than one direction, activating the floor in a spirited way. Pattern plays across the surface like streams of light and shadows in Detours Ahead and with flickers of bright colour added to highlight Detours.

Break the routine, choose a different road and discover what’s new in Detours and Detours Ahead.