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Celebrating 50 years: Our next journey starts here.

All EMEA backings

Interface Backings

When you’re choosing flooring, your first thoughts are likely about the colour, design, pattern and texture.

At Interface, we also encourage you to consider the backing – the backing can contain materials to help lower the carbon footprint of the finished tile. And, it also preserves the long-lasting look, feel and performance of your floor.

Standard Backings

In most situations, our standard backings give you everything you need. We supply most of our carpet tiles with a GlasBac® backing, and our LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiles) come with Sound Choice™ acoustic backing. Both are well suited to most commercial environments and proven to perform in them.

Carpet Tile - GlasBac®

LVT - Sound Choice™

Glasbac jpeg for website

Carpet Tile - GlasBac®

GlasBac, our original vinyl backing, set the industry standard for performance. 

Sound Choice Backing

LVT - Sound Choice™

Designed specifically as the integrated backing for our 4.5mm LVT collection, the Sound Choice acoustic backing helps your flooring reduce unwanted sound much more effectively than other hard surfaces. In particular, it reduces impact sound by 16 dB to avoid disturbances between floors and rooms. So it’s especially useful in multi-storey office buildings, as well as in education, healthcare and hospitality environments. As a standard component of our LVT tiles, Sound Choice offers acoustic insulation without the expense of fitting underlays.

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Additional Carpet Tile Backings

Sometimes you might have very specific requirements – maybe because of the way the space will be used, or because of the type of subfloor, you’re working with. Whatever you need from a backing, we have it. All our backings are the result of many years of development by our product material research teams. And we test them to rigorous industry standards, to ensure they do their job – keeping your tiles dimensionally stable, in their place throughout their life, and making them easy to fit and update.




It’s the same material make-up as CQuest™Bio with a higher concentration of carbon negative materials. The carbon negative materials in CQuest™BioX backing, in combination with specialty yarns and tufting processes, result in a carbon negative carpet tile.

CushionBac Renew-1


Our CushionBacRE backing is a cushion backing that provides high performance, high recycled content, greater underfoot comfort and increased sound absorption.

Carpet Tile Installation

Installation and Maintenance

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