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It’s flooring—and then some. Made for More.

Make the Workplace a Great Place

As the design of work spaces becomes more advanced – taking into consideration the well-being and productivity of the people using them and the environmental impact of the materials involved – we’ve developed our modular flooring and support services to meet any brief.

Whether you’re designing or refurbishing open-plan offices, meeting rooms, social spaces or multi-use areas, we can help you ensure they’re great places to work – and an asset to your organisation.

Better Acoustics

Hush disturbing footsteps and loud conversations in the workplace. With our flooring, you get a soft feel underfoot and greater noise reduction. Be assured that noise reduction aspects are integrated across our product lines.

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Ease of Maintenance

Interface modular carpet tile, LVT and nora rubber are built to withstand all the footsteps and coffee spills in your office. Daily vacuuming and routine spot and deep cleaning are all that’s needed to keep our carpet tiles looking good. 

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Biophilic Design

Our love affair with nature extends beyond the science of sustainability. After all, we love great design, and there is no better designer than nature. Biophilic design offers measurable benefits like reducing stress and lowering blood pressure while increasing productivity, creativity and overall well-being.

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Weaving Sustainability Into Everything We Create

From recycling initiatives to the first ever carbon negative carpet tile, discover how we’re changing the game.

Carbon Neutral Floors

The flooring products we sell are carbon neutral across the full product life cycle through our Carbon Neutral Floors program.
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Product Transparency

We enlist outside partners to evaluate the environmental and human impacts of our flooring.
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Recycling & Reuse

We have been actively collecting and recycling post-consumer vinyl backed carpet tiles for more than 25 years.
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