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It’s flooring—and then some. Made for More.

We See Carbon as a Resource

Our goal is to make products with the lowest carbon footprint possible. Products that go beyond neutral to help restore the health of the planet.

By using recycled content and bio-based materials in an innovative way, we have created carpet tiles that store carbon, preventing its release into the atmosphere.

This innovation, coupled with our commitment to lower our carbon footprint across all areas of our business, has driven us to produce our first carbon negative flooring products.

What Makes a Product Carbon Negative?

When the manufacture of a product stores more carbon than it emits, the product is carbon negative. The carbon negative materials in the CQuest™BioX backing, in combination with specialty yarns and tufting processes, results in a carbon negative carpet tile.

Carbon Sequestration

A method of carbon capture and the long term-storage of atmospheric carbon dioxide. This prevents it from being released into the atmosphere and contributing to global warming.

Closed Loop Manufacturing

We recycle manufacturing waste and used flooring back into new flooring, conserving natural resources, diverting waste from landfills, and reducing the carbon released into the atmosphere.

Circular Economy

Keeps resources in use for as long as possible, extracts the maximum value from products in use, then recovers and regenerates products and materials at the end of life.

Making a Carbon Negative Carpet Tile

Our CQuest™ backings enable us to manufacture carpet tiles with a negative (cradle-to-gate) footprint.

Guided by materials science, we’ve added new thinking and innovative new materials to make backings with a much lower carbon footprint – away from the status quo and toward carbon negative.

First, we added new bio-based materials and more recycled content to our backings. Then, we measured how these materials influence the carbon footprint. These new materials, measured on a stand-alone basis, are net carbon negative – reducing our carbon footprint – and result in carbon negative backings.

Using Carbon as a Resource

When we stop seeing carbon as the enemy and start using it as a resource, great things can happen.