Colour Pops. Neutrals. Texture. Pattern.


The Streaming Collection considers all of these aspects at once. Three styles in combinations of cool and warm grays, flecked with light and dark, create texture and contrast. The two accent styles stream colour in more and less intensity, creating patterns that move subtly across the floor.

Source Material™ is the grounding style—four perfect, simple grays in a balanced texture. Bitrate™ introduces eight accent colours from the basic branding spectrum and Upload™ adds a boost with a more is more approach: more colour, more texture, more pattern. Any one of these will cover the floor beautifully. Combine two or all three and quickly see the possibilities when you have all you need, all at once.


The styles featured in the Streaming collection can mix and match with other Interface carpet tiles or LVT for endless design possibilities. Click on each product for more information and to see all available colour options.