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Celebrating 50 years: Our next journey starts here.

Connected Ethos is a collection that captures natures inherent form. From grasslands to stony shores, arid landscapes to the breaking waves of the ocean, Connected Ethos creates a vibrant and transformative design foundation.

Connected Ethos uses 100% recycled nylon and is carbon neutral through our Carbon Neutral Floors™ programme. 

Connected Ethos Sand Palette

Connected Ethos Products

CE100 houses 16 warm earthy neutrals which sit alongside 16 accent colours comprising; grassy and jungle greens, icy blues and cool greys to inspire spaces where people visit or escape to reconnect with nature.

To inspire a subtle connection the second part of the Connected Ethos collection are the CE200 tiles. Crafted to unite the accent colours and earthy tones, CE200 creates a natural walkway that helps with multiple space design.

Connected Ethos: Behind the Design

The biophilic design movement is the focus of our new Connected Ethos collection. Watch Emily Brown, Interface Senior Designer and Victoria Jackson, Senior Research & Biophilic Consultant at Oliver Heath Designs, talk about the inspiration behind the striking new collection.