All Signs Point to Progress


The Rising Signs collection features eight modern carpet tile products to elevate your space—each uniquely designed to work together in infinite combinations. Bold, architectural lines evoke the fire escapes and majestic tension bridges that connect us to one another and to the airy outdoors. Large-scale geometric shapes and eye-catching jewel tones make a striking impression. Earthy, calming neutrals and softer patterns inspired by the sacred geometry of nature infuse a biophilic design perspective.

Like our other products, the carpet tile styles in Rising Signs are carbon neutral across their full product life cycle through our third party verified Carbon Neutral Floors™ program. Level up to a new dimension in interior style with the Rising Signs collection. Sample the collection below


Click on each product tile to see the full colorline and specifications.



  • Collection Rising Signs   Product Spandrel   Colour 107151 Sulfur   Product Play the Angle   Colour 107201 Krypton   Colour 107192 Rhodium   Installed Ashlar   Artwork "Upward" by Richard Hunt
  • Collection Rising Signs   Product Up At Dawn   Colour 107160 Rhodium   Colour 107163 Sulfur    Installed Pattern By Tile
  • Collection Rising Signs   Product Proportional   Colour 107176 Zinc   Installed Monolithic   Product Brushed Lines   Colour A01606 Kohl   Installed Ashlar
  • Collection Rising Signs   Product Angle Up   Colour 107207 Phosphorus   Installed Ashlar   Product Binary Code   Colour 107216 Sulfur   Installed Pattern By Tile   Artwork "Red Kneeling Figure" by Stephen Edwards
  • Collection Rising Signs   Product Play The Angle   Colour 107190 Nitrogen   Installed Ashlar
  • Collection Rising Signs   Product Karmic Relief   Colour 107215 Carbon   Colour 107213 Chromium   Installed Ashlar
  • Collection Rising Signs   Product Binary Code   Colour 107217 Oxygen   Product Karmic Relief   Colour 107215 Carbon   Colour 107212 Beryllium   Installed Pattern By Tile