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It’s flooring—and then some. Made for More.

Why nora?

nora® rubber floorings are made of high-quality natural and industrial rubbers. They are combined with minerals from natural sources and environmentally compatible colour pigments. This together helps to create durable rubber floors.

norament® tiles - Pressed under high pressure, these tiles present a very dense, closed surface. This makes them extremely resistant to wear and supports fast and easy cleaning.

Benefits of nora Rubber Flooring

nora flooring has a long-life span, even in busy footfall areas. The cost-effective cleaning methods ensure reduced maintenance costs. nora is extremely durable. The elasticity and dimensional stability allows the floors to withstand impact without damage. It is also scratch and wear resistant. Due to their dense, non-porous rubber surface, nora floors repel germs, giving them little to no opportunity to propagate. nora can be fully disinfected, ideal for high risk areas too.

nora Durability

norament and noraplan floors remain durable in the long term without the need for coatings, even when subject to heavy traffic.

Slip Resistance

norament and noraplan standard coverings have been tested and have a R9 non-slip rating rating. nora also offers floor coverings up to R11 ratings.

Low Toxicity Emissions

nora floors are demonstrably fire-toxicologically safe according to DIN 53 436, and meet the requirements of the strict regulations. In addition, nora floor coverings are highly flame retardant according to European standard EN 13 501. The fire behaviour of nora floor coverings is regularly checked.

Seamless Installation

nora has a seamless installation with an integrated, unbroken appearance. It is hygienic and easy to clean thanks to joint free flooring installation.