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Intersept - For Built-In Protection

While it’s not possible to prevent the dirt and spills that are an inevitable part of life, Interface has a way to reduce their negative impact.

Intersept® protects Interface carpet tile against a broad spectrum of moulds, mildew, bacteria and odour-causing microorganisms. It’s especially effective at inhibiting bacterial and mould growth where carpet edges meet.


Permanently Incorporated

Low Toxicity

Water Insoluble

Organic Compound

Preservation Protection That’s Safe & Effective

We build in a safe and effective way for carpet tile to last longer and stay fresher.

Permanent Prevention

Permanent Prevention - Intersept is permanently incorporated into the primary backing of all our modular carpet tiles, as well as our recommended adhesives. It offers protection from the bacteria and mould that can affect not only the life of the carpet but also indoor environmental quality.

Intersept Protection

Unlike most preservative applications that are applied topically, Intersept won’t wash away during standard maintenance procedures. It helps your carpet tile last longer and stay fresher, providing a better return on your floorcovering investment.

Proven Quality & Safety

Intersept is registered with the EPA for use in preserving carpet, paint, air filters, polymers, adhesives and speciality coatings. It is water-insoluble, has low toxicity, no heavy metals, and does not off-gas into the surrounding environment. Carpet tile treated with Intersept meets AATCC method 174 parts II and III for antimicrobial effectiveness, the CRI Green Label Plus standard for indoor environmental quality, and the Gold or Platinum criteria of the NSF/ANSI 140 Sustainability Assessment for Carpet. No other carpet includes a preservative that’s as safe and effective as Intersept.

Intersept at Work

See Intersept in action. This quick video demonstrates samples grown over a 24-hour period in the same lab under the same mould-inducing conditions. Which carpet would you rather have?