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It’s flooring—and then some. Made for More.

Versatile. Flexible. Illuminating.

There’s something electric about a night on the town. Street lights shine. Buildings buzz. Headlights illuminate the shadows. With the same energetic playfulness, the Night Lights Collection bursts with colour and movement. Six unique products featuring neutral tone-on-tone bases and coordinating accent colours deliver nearly endless combinations perfect for any space.

Translucent™ features a simple, linear texture. Available in two cool and two warm grays, it’s a versatile foundation on which the rest of the collection builds. Glisten™, Soft Glow™ and Reflectors™ evoke energy and dimensionality. Diagonals converge into star, cross-hatch and larger-scale geometric patterns. Like fragments of light dispersing into the night, these textures incorporate more playful uses of colour. Luminescent™ and Aglow™ take a much bolder approach. Saturated colour accents are reflected within both geometric and linear streaks, adding impact to any space.