Aerial Collection

Aerial Collection

A view from above gives us the unique opportunity to witness connectivity. The web of connections fascinates and assures us. In Aerial™, a simple neutral palette travels new paths when several hues are tangled together for each colourway. The way the shades shift in seemingly endless movements from one tile to the next is provocative and stirs attention.

The construction of AE310, a 50cm tile, recalls the warp and weft of a hand-woven textile. AE312 adds strands of colour to light up that texture. AE311 and AE313, 25cm x 1m planks, bring a more painterly movement to the collection with AE313 introducing a subtle wash of colours to the neutral base of AE311. AE315 and AE317, also 25cm x 1m planks, carry the color palette to increasing heights, combining with the solid On Line™ to create Aerial Flying Colors.

With the addition of Neighborhood™ Blocks and Neighborhood Smooth, Aerial offers two additional planks and six vibrant colourways, including a brilliant red (Dru Red) named in loving memory of longtime Interface associate Drusilla Scott.

Neighborhood Blocks draws a pattern in rectilinear lines while Neighborhood Smooth softens to more curvilinear forms. Both coordinate beautifully with Aerial's core styles, creating a network of design possibilities to trace and discover.



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