Transparency and Green Chemistry

See our Health Product Declarations (HPDs)

After pioneering both the Corporate Sustainability Report in 1997 and the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) in 2009, Interafce began supporting the development of a new transparency tool, the Health Product Declaration (HPD). Having an HPD for a product allows material specifiers to begin evaluating whether a product supports Green Chemistery, one of Interface's Three Lenses of Health and Materials. In 2011 Interface was a ffounding sponsor of the HPD Collaborative (HPDC) and has since been a participant in multiple HPD pilot programs and a member of the original Manufacturer Advisory Panel and several technical sub-committees.

An HPD discloses hazards that may be assoociated with specific ingredients. It's important to realize that an HPD cannot tell you whether a product is "healthy," nor whether users are likely to be exposed to any of the ingredients disclosed.

As part of our work on Health and Materials Interface continuously reduces the environmental and health impacts of our products through elimination of materials of concern.

We welcome any additional questions about our HPDs, our ingredients and our commitment to creating a climate fit for life. Please send questions to

Full documentation of our HPDs is available below:

HPD for CQuestGB™ HPD for GlasBac™
HPD for CQuest™Bio/BioX
HPD for GlasBacRE
HPD for ReadyBac™
HPD for CushionBac™ Renew
HPD for Critertion 3.0 mm LVT
HPD for Sound Choice™ 4.5 mm LVT 
HPD for noraplan® Standard HPD for norament® Standard
HPD for Vinyl Sheet 

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