GreenCircle Certified Environmental Facts

At Interface, sustainability is not about certifications. We have committed to showing the world that a business can prosper without negatively impacting people and the planet.  We choose certifications that help us progress toward this goal and clearly show whether or not we are fulfilling our Purpose: to Lead Industry to Love the World.  

The GreenCircle Certified Environmental Facts label is a natural choice for us because it was established to counteract the many unsubstantiated claims in the marketplace and requires the most transparency from manufacturers. The Certified Environmental Facts audit evaluates over 30 environmental claims of our carpet tile products and manufacturing system through a rigorous process that relies on recognized standards from ANSI, ISO and ASTM, as well as established certifications referenced by LEED v4

The Facts Label now allows Interface carpet tile to contribute to the LEED credit for Multi-Attribute Optimization (EPD Option 2) at the 200% level, an industry first.

The easy-to-read "nutritional facts" format of the GreenCircle Certified Environmental Facts label makes it easy to see the relevant info all in one place. The label is broken into Product and Manufacturing Specific information, which allows us to clearly demonstrate our progress toward our ambitious goals.


Product Footprint

Interface Climate Take Back Goal: Make the company and products carbon negative by 2040 without the use of purchased carbon offsets.

  • Certified Fact: Since 2013, we’ve reduced the carbon footprint of our products by 28-32% and purchased offsets to make all products verified Carbon Neutral Floors™.

Interface Live Zero Goal: 100% of product ingredients from recycled or bio-based sources by 2020.

  • Certified Fact: Standard Interface carpet tile products offer a minimum of 73% total recycled content with our GlasBac® backing and a minimum of 87% with our GlasBacRE backing. 

Interface Live Zero Goal: 100% of regions we serve have access to our ReEntry® product take back system.

  • Certified Fact: Our Americas ReEntry program is 3rd party verified to recycle at least 56-58% of the weight of old carpet tile we take back into new GlasBacRE backing.
  • Certified Fact: Products on GlasBacRE backing are the industry’s first certified Closed Loop Products, with at least 51% of new products made from carpet tile waste. 


Factory Footprint

Interface Live Zero Goal: Net zero carbon emissions from manufacturing by 2020

  • Certified Fact: Since 2013, we’ve reduced our carbon emissions from Americas production from 7,146 tons to just 63 metric tons.

Interface Live Zero Goal: Zero waste to landfill or incineration by 2020. 

  • Certified Fact: Since 2013, we decreased landfill waste by 22%, a diversion rate of over 91%. 

Interface Live Zero Goal: Zero new water used in manufacturing (excluding collected rainwater)

  • Certified Fact: Since 2013, we have decreased water use by 70%, using less than 6 tablespoons of new water per carpet tile produced.

Interface Live Zero Goal: 100% renewable energy use in manufacturing

  • Certified Fact: We use 99% renewable energy in our Americas manufacturing facilities.

We proved that the impossible was possible in our drive to achieve Mission Zero by 2020, and we have decided to dream even bigger for our mission beyond 2020, Climate Take Back. The next certification we will need is for products that help reverse global warming and create a climate fit for life. Are you ready to learn how to Love Carbon?

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