Head Over Heels

We think you’ll fall hard for Interface Hospitality’s Head Over Heels, a customizable collection of textured patterns that offer unique floor designs for corridors and public spaces. Head Over Heels puts variety, pattern and color in play to ensure you’ll never get bored with your floor. 

To help you navigate this extensive pattern library, we’ve categorized them as Modern, Traditional, Organic, Whimsy and Classic. Each pattern is available in 50 cm or 1 m tiles, and all offer non directional installation for less waste and greater savings. 

And color? Whether you need to match a brand standard or create an outstanding brand, there’s a Head Over Heels custom color for you. Build yours by combining any three colors, working with your rep to find the perfect hue. 

Get started by exploring patterns and color options. We've pulled together some of our favorites from each category in the image galleries below, but you can see all patterns here.

Modern Patterns

Traditional Patterns

Organic Patterns

Whimsy Patterns

Classic Patterns

Head Over Heels Pattern Brochures

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