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Providing your guests an exceptional experience is at the top of your to-do list. Interface carpet and LVT flooring make it easy, providing floor design that improves well-being, simplifies maintenance and creates beautiful interiors. Choose from a wide range of customizable products that include options from Interface and FLOR. And if you’re looking to create something uniquely yours, we’re at your service with Luxcierge™.


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Inspired by the world around us

Taking inspiration from the world around us, biophilic design uses nature as a blueprint to improve well-being. Read our insight-filled Human Spaces report to see how nature-inspired interiors leave a lasting impact.

Hospitality Prototypes

Earning the trust of our customers is something we take seriously, and we have partnered with several hotel brands to develop approved standards that meet each brand's promise to their guests—all on Interface’s Carbon Neutral Floors™.

  • FLOR Product Full Kilt   Color Frost   Installed Quarter-Turn
  • CARPET   Collection Guest Rooms    RMS 701   Color 106342 Dusk   Installed Ashlar   LVT   Collection Level Set   Product Textured Woodgrains   Color A00416 Antique Dark Oak   Installed Ashlar
  • CARPET   FLOR Product Among the Wildflowers   Color Palm   Installed Non Directional   LVT   Collection Level Set   Product Textured Woodgrains   Color A00405 Grey Dune   Installed Ashlar
  • CARPET   Collection Urban Retreat   Product UR102   Color 102994 Granite   Installed Non Directional   LVT    Level Set   Product Natural Woodgrains   Color A00204 Beech   Installed Ashlar
  • Collection Human Nature   Products HN840, HN850   Color 104220, 104206 Nickel   Installed Ashlar
  • CARPET Collection Suite Serenity   Product Meadowland   Color 106654 Repose   Installed Brick   LVT Collection Level Set   Product Natural Woodgrains   Color A00204 Beech   Installed Ashlar
  • Collection Portmanteau   Product PM01   Color 104826   Product PM39   Color 104756   Installed Pattern by Tile
  • CARPET   Collection Guest Rooms   Product RMS 510   Color 187714 Tropical Jungle   Installed Ashlar   LVT   Collection Level Set   Product Natural Woodgrains   Color A00204 Beech   Installed Ashlar
  • CARPET   FLOR Product Mined and Yours   Color Grey/Silver   Installed Monolithic   LVT   Collection Level Set   Product Natural Woodgrains   Color A00201 Black Walnut   Installed Ashlar
  • Collection Equal Measure   Product EM553   Color 104574 Cobblestone Blvd   Installed Ashlar
  • CARPET   Collection World Woven   Product WW890   Color 105384 Flannel Dobby   Installed Ashlar   LVT    Level Set   Product Natural Stones   Color A00106 Botticino Marble   Installed Quarter-Turn
  • FLOR Product Better Half   Color Blush   Installed Non Directional
  • Collection Suite Serenity   Product Bouquet   Color 106650 Abode    Collection Level Set   Product Natural Woodgrains   Color A00202 Madagascar   Installed Ashlar
  • CARPET Collection   Product French Seams   Color 105609 Marseille   LVT Collection Level Set   Product Natural Woodgrains  &nbbsp;Color A00201 Black Walnut   Installed Ashlar

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