We're working to make our resilient vinyl flooring truly sustainable.

Vinyl flooring hasn't always been the most environmentally friendly option despite dominating the resilient flooring market, but Interface is changing that with our intentional approach to product design. Here is a bit more background on our approach:

  • All Interface products that we sell, including LVT and vinyl sheet, are 3rd-party certified across the entire product life cycle as Carbon Neutral FloorsTM.
  • All Interface LVT contains a minimum of 39% recycled content and is 100% recyclable through ReEntry®, specifically formulated to become a high-quality future input into our CQuest™GB carpet tile backing. 
  • All Interface vinyl sheet contains a minimum of 25% recycled content.
  • Our resilient vinyl flooring products are completely free of ortho-phthalate plasticizers, heavy metal ingredients, added formaldehyde and any other ingredients that could contaminate our recycling system. 
  • Interface discloses LVT and vinyl sheet ingredients in Health Product Declarations (HPD) that are LEED v4 compliant for Material Ingredients Reporting.
  • All LVT and vinyl sheet is certified to comply with both the GREENGUARD Gold and FloorScore standard for low-VOC emissions, which uses the same California Department of Public Health testing methodology required by LEEDv4 (also used by CRI Green Label Plus for carpet).
  • All Interface LVT and vinyl sheet is covered by a product-specific Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) that publicly discloses its carbon footprint and other potential environmental impacts.
  • Interface LVT is also certified under NSF-332 (Sustainability Assessment for Resilient Floorcoverings) at the Silver level, ensuring adherence to a broad range of labor and environmental best practices in our supplier's manufacturing facility.
  • As we begin our work on Climate Take BackTM, our resilient vinyl flooring will be included in our development efforts to redesign our products to contribute to reversing climate change.
*For Interface customers seeking a non-vinyl resilient flooring optino with industry-leading performance characteristics, we also offer nora® rubber.