Colorful. Functional. Fun.

The Stargazing™ LVT Collection was designed with the specific needs of school facilities, with two patterns that cleverly hide dirt and wear over time. Look to the skies for complementary square products in 18 different colorways: Scorpio™ delivers a multi-directional geometric design that transitions well into the dynamic textures of Aries™. And, you’ll find exact coordinates for Stargazing styles in Studio Set™ and Walk on By™ LVT — all of which work together to create flexible design opportunities for K-12 schools.

  • Collection Stargazing   Product Scorpio   Color A01716 Silverlight   Product Aries   Color A01809 Aqua   Installed Monolithic
  • Collection Stargazing   Product Aries   Color A01805 Deep Fuchsia   Color A01803 Orange   Installed Monolithic   Product Natural Woodgrains   Color A00211 Washed Maple
  • Collection Stargazing   Product Aries   Color A01814 Mushroom   Product norament 926 grano   Color 5332 Geranium   Installed Monolithic
  • Collection Stargazing   Product Aries   Color A01817 Pewter   Product Walk On By   Color A01502 Monochrome   Installed Pattern By Tile
  • Collection Stargazing   Product Aries   Color A01815 Sand   Color A01801 Yellow   Product Scorpio   Color A01708 Electric Blue   Installed Monolithic
  • Collection Stargazing   Product Aries   Color A01816 Silverlight   Product Scorpio   Color A01704 Red   Product Walk On By   Color A01505 Red   Installed Pattern By Tile
  • Collection Stargazing   Product Aries   Color A01816 Silverlight   Installed Monolithic
  • Collection Stargazing   Product Aries   Color A01816 Silverlight   Color A01817 Pewter   Installed Monolithic
  • Collection Stargazing   Product Scorpio   Color A01708 Electric Blue   Color A01714 Mushroom   Installed Monolithic
  • Collection Stargazing   Product Scorpio   Color A01713 Pebble   Product Aries   Color A01806 Violet   Product Walk On By   Color A01506 Violet
  • Collection Stargazing   Product Scorpio   Color A01715 Sand   Color A01712 Dark Green   Color A01710 Kelly Green   Color A01711 Turquoise   Product SR699   Color 104914 Midnight
  • Collection Stargazing   Product Scorpio   Color A01716 Silverlight   Installed Monolithic   Product Studio Set   Color A00718 Deep Fuchsia   Installed Ashlar
  • Collection Stargazing   Product Scorpio   Color A01718 Slate   Installed Monolithic


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Color Outside the Lines

Stargazing’s palette of saturated brights and warm neutrals is intentionally designed to coordinate with Studio Set and Walk on By LVT, offering a spectrum of color in subtle, diffuse patterns. Move from foundational shades into bold color for accenting and branding¬ to create a colorful, cohesive look throughout your school¬ with best-in-class performance and the superior noise reduction of our Sound Choice™ LVT.