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It’s flooring—and then some. Made for More.

Create Your Path to +Positive spaces™

Today, we are both more connected as a society and, ironically, increasingly less connected, shielded from each other and the natural world by our screens, our cars, our homes and the buildings in which we work. But when we walk outside, our pathways reveal the importance of reconnection: the choices we make in our destinations, how we get there and the unexpected gathering places that we happen upon. Invariably we are also drawn to areas of respite where nature is present, nurtured to grow in the environment or simply there by its own persistence.

Human Connections is literally the intersection of the sensory cues that we seek to include in our fast-paced lives, supporting the idea that the most positive spaces offer variability and choice. Eight different styles fit together in unique ways to create paths, intersections, collision zones and destinations. Sett in Stone™, Kerbstone™, Paver™ and Flagstone™ are four textures that recall the well-worn streets of the city, while Moss™ and Moss in Stone™ attach seamlessly to Sett in Stone to introduce the greenery we crave in a very organic way.

To complete the collection we have included two styles from FLOR® by Interface, Rue™ and Stone Course™. These highly patterned and colorful styles add a lively graffiti-like impact.