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Products that go beyond neutral to help restore the health of the planet.

At the Crossroads of Man-made and Nature-made

Consider the cobblestone street: natural stones are selected for their variation and strength, then are placed in patterns and arcs that serve both the utility and beauty of the road. The intersection of the man-made and nature-made is perfectly expressed. Equal Measure™ is a collection of three textures that, just like the crossroads of two streets, moves in four directions. When placed in sequence with its companions, EM553 connects to EM552 on any of its four sides: end to end, side to side. The irregular geometric pattern seems to have been carved out of its plush finish. EM552 serves as the bridge tile for the collection, including a bit of each of the other patterns, one dissolving into the other. EM551 is a simple, low-profile texture designed to quietly underscore your design. More energetic floors can be created when contrasting colors and textures are mixed in less obvious ways. We recommend both, in Equal Measure, of course.

Equal Measure

Experience Interface's Equal Measure Collection in a video simulation of a fully designed space.