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Class is better with Interface

When a school is filled with positive design elements, it’s easier to make the most of your students’ class time. From hearing better and inspiring productivity to contributing to better indoor air quality, our carpet tiles can help you create a stronger learning environment. Our LVT also offers essential design and performance benefits with the same modularity as our carpet tile. It’s a perfect solution for corridors and other transitional spaces where hard surface is desired.

We offer many budget friendly flooring options and our carpet tiles can easily be purchased on several federal and local contracts like NJPA, BuyBoard, TCPN and TXMAS.

Get flooring fast with QuickShip

Your time is valuable. That’s why we offer more than 200 QuickShip options in orders up to 2,000 square yards (six accents and walk-offs up to 200 square yards) that ship within just 10 business days. Even with tight construction schedules and short installation time frames, you can enjoy beautiful flooring that makes your classrooms more inspiring.

Ready made floors
for your school

With our interactive design tool, you can browse pre-designed floors and change the colors to make your classroom—or any space—as imaginative as you like. Find something you like? Just request a quote to begin the process.

Find more engaging design ideas below

  • Product Verticals   Color 104011 Soar   Product On Line   Colors 103798 Lime, 103799 Lapis   Installed Ashlar
  • Collection Street Smart   Product SS217   Color 105011 Crossroad   Product SS218   Color 105019 Crossroad / Laguna   Installed Ashlar
  • Product Alliteration   Colors 9722 Nickel / Earth Rust, 9723 Hemlock / Earth Rust; Product Cubic Colours   Color 7263 Red   Photos Steve Hall / ©Hedrich Blessing
  • Product Exposed   Color 8692 Milltown   Installed Non Directional
  • Product Sew Straight   Color 102409 Cable   Product Primary Stitch   Color 102422 Cable / Accent   Product On Line   Colors 103794 Lagoon, 103800 Mustard   Installed Pattern by Tile
  • Collection Silver Linings   Product SL910   Color 104502 Nickel   Product SL920   Color 104514 Nickel Lines   Product SL930   Color 104526 Nickel Fade   Installed Ashlar   Freestyle™ inset area rug
  • Product Textured Stones   Color A00304 Emperador Gray   Installed Quarter-Turn
  • Collection Step Repeat   Product SR999   Color 104943 Granite   Installed Non Directional
  • Product Walk the Plank   Colors 8763 Walnut, 8765 Poplar, 103959 Cedar   Installed Herringbone
  • Product Primary Stitch   Color 102419 Purl / Accent   Installed Ashlar   Accent Product Viva Colores   Color 101126 Verde Primavera   Installed Pattern by Tile
  • Product Cubic Colours   Color Black   Installed Non Directional
  • Product Cubic   Colors 6392 Dimension, 4288 Geometry   Product Cubic Colours   Colors 7264 Green, 7259 Painted Desert   Installed Non Directional
  • Collection Cartera   Product La Paz Colores   Color 101196 Carnival   Installed Brick
  • Product Off Line   Color Sage / Canary   Installed Pattern by Tile
  • Product Reclaim   Color 104143 Faded Denim   Installed Pattern by Tile
  • Product On Line   Color 103803 Mandarin   Product Verticals   Color 103732 Apex   Installed Ashlar
  • Product Top Stitch   Color 102523 Pewter   Product Viva Colores   Color 101156 Rosado   Installed Quarter-Turn   Photo © 2013, George Lambros / Lambros Photography, Inc.
  • Product Ground Waves   Colors 104056 Pewter / Colors, 104053 Iceberg / Colors   installed Herringbone
  • Product Roy G Biv   Color 7446 Milky Way   Installed Quarter-Turn   Product Viva Colores   Colors 101160 Rojo, 101164 Naranja, 101152 Violeta, 101139 Turquesa   Installed Pattern by Tile
  • Product Driftwood   Color 104859 Sweetgum   Product Verticals   Color 103736 Pinnacle   Installed Ashlar
  • Collection Aerial   Product AE312   Color 105406 Fog/Accent   Installed Quarter-Turn

Download the K-12 flooring guide

Discover what Interface carpet tile and LVT has to offer for all of your education spaces. We've even included quite a few inspirational floor layouts to get you going.