Take Action on Carbon

At Interface, we’re on a journey toward sustainability. And although we delivered on our original Mission Zero® commitment to minimize Interface’s environmental impact in 2019, our work to transform our business and the built environment continues.

With Climate Take Back™, we aim to reverse global warming and create a climate fit for life. This means that every day we make decisions with the environment in mind – decisions about our products, our processes and our partners.

Look at our key efforts outlined below and find out how you can take action on carbon to help restore the health of the planet.


When you specify flooring products from Interface, you’re selecting carpet tile, LVT and nora® rubber that is carbon neutral across its full product life cycle through our third-party verified Carbon Neutral Floors™ program.​ Looking for flooring that goes beyond neutral? As of October 2020, we achieved a new breakthrough – the launch of the world’s first* carpet tile styles that are carbon negative when measured cradle to gate.

*Based on publicly available information from The International EPD® System, Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V., and UL Environment.


At Interface we’ve focused on making changes in our factories and across our supply chain to significantly decrease our environmental impact.

Key accomplishments include:

  • Reducing the cradle-to-gate carbon footprint of our carpet tile products by 76%

  • Achieving 75% renewable energy at our manufacturing sites (90% at our carpet manufacturing sites and 49% at our rubber manufacturing site)

  • Creating the ReEntry® Reclamation and Recycling Program to keep carpet out of landfills
  • Partners

    With the built environment responsible for nearly 40% of global carbon emissions, there is a critical need for the building community to set aggressive carbon impact goals. At Interface, we are building coalitions with other forward-thinking companies and organizations, like the materials Carbon Action Network (materialsCAN), to broaden the impact of our lessons learned and to promote the decarbonization of the buildings.

    Together, We Can Make a Difference

    We know Interface can’t reverse global warming alone. But we can show others what is possible and inspire change in our customers, our competitors and other companies. And we can make it easier for designers and end users to make smarter product selections that are better for the planet. By lowering the carbon footprint of the spaces you create, you can help us transform our shared future.