Aerial Flying Colors

A collection to color you inspired.


The best design elements offer flexibility, variety and versatility. Keeping this in mind, we created Aerial™ Flying Colors: modular flooring that truly supports endless design possibilities.

Part of our Aerial Collection, Aerial Flying Colors features our widest range of colors to date—from natural, neutral hues to bold, eye-catching shades and everything in between. Creating a multitude of options to work across markets, Aerial Flying Colors breathes new life into our i2® product category by expanding its color spectrum. Each i2 tile varies in coloring and patterning within one style and colorway so that tiles blend together no matter when they are purchased or installed.

Aerial Flying Colors puts the paintbrush in your hands, so you can design a space that meets your needs. Pair these products with On Line™, our solid-colored planks, to create your next color palette. For even more versatility, add accents from our all-new, colorful Studio Set™ LVT to create varied textures, styles and patterns. Aerial Flying Colors and Studio Set give you the tools to create a space as unique as you—however you mix and match colors and surfaces.

Aerial Flying Colors Products

Combine new Aerial products AE315™ and AE317™ with On Line and AE311™ to create a variety of floor textures and palettes. With Aerial Flying Colors, the only limit is your imagination.

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