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Redesigning Our Company

In 1994, at age sixty and in his company’s twenty-second year, our founder and Chairman Ray Anderson steered Interface on a new course—one designed to reduce our environmental footprint while increasing our profits. His bold new vision was to create the first enterprise to become truly sustainable.

San Francisco

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Global Capabilities

At Interface, we live where we work. This may seem fundamental, but it makes us unique in the carpet industry. To be global in thought and action—with outposts and people on the ground in six continents—is truly extraordinary.


We want you to feel at home with us so whenever possible, we'll place you in our Callaway Gardens' guest home, Catawba. Alternatively, you may stay at the Callaway Gardens Lodge & Spa, part of Marriott's Autograph Collection.

Mill Visit - Trip Planning

A few things to keep in mind when planning your visit to Interface's facilities.

Honoring Students

The Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) annually recognizes a student whose scholarship furthers research on campus sustainability. Recent UC Berkeley graduate Kelley Doyle was a 2012 award recipient with her thesis titled, “Converting University Spending to Greenhouse Gas Emissions: A Supply Chain Carbon Footprint Analysis of UC Berkeley.”

July 2, 2014
Interface’s New Atlanta Showroom

Interface has opened a new Atlanta showroom for its commercial carpet tile. The 6,900 square-foot space was designed to offer customers an open and collaborative environment in which to explore the brand’s range of flooring products and plan installations with the help of a seasoned sales team.

A Legacy of Innovation

Interface began in 1973, when Ray C. Anderson discovered a need for flexible flooring. To make it happen, Ray led a joint venture with Carpets International Plc. (CI), a British company, and a group of American investors to produce and market modular carpet. This original team of 15 faced significant challenges from sharply rising petrochemical costs, a key raw material in the carpet industry. CI’s advanced cutting and bonding technology sustained the company and enabled it to meet the needs of the office building boom of the mid-1970s.

Interface Values

The Interface team is dedicated to spreading goodness, from impactful interiors to sustainable practices. To keep ourselves accountable for our actions, we’ve created five core values that pave the way for everything we do. These values are: design a better way, be genuine and generous, inspire others, connect the whole and embrace tomorrow, today.