Stick To It

No fumes, no odor, no mess. TacTiles® is a safe, easy and efficient solution.

With more than 60 million square yards installed since 2006, TacTiles is the proven glue-free installation system for our modular carpet tiles. Following the tenets of biomimicry, we looked to nature for inspiration and came across the gecko, a remarkable lizard that relies on the intermolecular force of more than a million tiny foot hairs to stick to surfaces at any angle. From this, we developed a glue-free installation system that uses the inherent strength of our backing to create a dimensionally stable “floating floor.”

The TacTiles installation system uses 3” adhesive squares. There are two types—one made to work with our GlasBac® and GlasBacRE backing systems and another to work with our Graphlar® backing system. These flexible backing systems hug the floor, creating dimensional stability without glue. The tiles are connected to each other and nothing sticks to the subfloor.

We developed TacTiles connectors as a faster, cleaner, more earth-friendly alternative to traditional carpet adhesives.

They are easy to use and eliminate the mess, odor and drying time of spread adhesives.

They also provide greater flexibility for installation and selective replacement.

With virtually zero VOCs and an environmental footprint that’s more than 90% lower than traditional carpet adhesives, TacTiles offers a more sustainable installation option.