Green Your Supply Chain in 6 Key Steps

We’ve been working toward sustainability for 20 years and we’ve learned a lot along the way. By starting with our own supply chain, we’ve become more strategic in minimizing the environmental impacts associated with everything we produce, and this puts us in a good position to help you do the same.

Interface recommends you apply the following six practices to the manufacturers and suppliers with whom you work to begin or increase the greening of your campus’ supply chain. Each of these will have a tangible and positive impact on your sustainable procurement practices, as well as contribute to achieving a STARS rating.

Specify climate neutral products

Safeguard indoor air quality

Minimize waste

Insist on high recycled content

Require reclamation

Demand true transparency 

We hold ourselves accountable to these same standards, so every step is also directly associated with the attributes and benefits of our high recycled content, glue-free, climate neutral modular carpet tile products and services.