Why Interface Modular Carpet Tile?

We offer exceptional products and performance with an added benefit to the planet.

Just because Interface is a leader in sustainability doesn’t mean that we’re willing to sacrifice the aesthetics or performance of our carpet tile products. We may cover the same ground as other companies, but we do it differently and—dare we say it?—better. Believe it or not, part of our success stems from our humility: we’re always open to listening and learning.

We specialize in less is more, using fewer resources and constantly coming up with smarter, more sustainable flooring solutions. Our focus on innovation keeps propelling us—and our industry—forward.

Our revolutionary introductions include:

• TacTiles®, a glue-free installation system, adheres carpet tiles to one other to create a “floating” floor for greater flexibility

• ReEntry®, an efficient means of recycling carpet tile backing and nylon fiber

• Carbon Neutral Floors™, our climate-neutral flooring program, zeros out all greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with the entire life cycle of our carpet tile and LVT, globally

• Intersept®, our proprietary preservative, proven to be extremely safe and effective, protects our carpet tile from mold growth and odors so it lasts longer

• i2®, based on the principles of biomimicry, which uses nature as a model to seek sustainable solutions, creates less waste and has a longer life on the floor

• ART, our proprietary Appearance Retention Test, goes well beyond standard wear testing to effectively simulate years of soiling, wear and routine maintenance