Interface: Performance with Purpose

Interface is a special place to work. Inside Interface you will find a purpose-driven company with a passionate team that shares a unique set of values. With awareness, compassion and action, we will continue to be the company that is doing well by doing good. Our core values represent who we are, how we see the world, how we treat one another and our external customers and stakeholders, and how we approach our work every day.


We’re a revolutionary company with an entrepreneurial hunger at our core. From pioneering carpet tiles to designing a new industrial system, we’re dogged in our pursuit of the unconventional, the improbable, the unknown. Our culture of curiosity is contagious. At Interface, there’s an ever-present sense of exploration and innovation – a willingness to test, tumble and try again. We are secure in the knowledge that to pioneer is to progress, that to discover is to succeed, and that we can design a more beautiful world, one mind at a time.



We’re more than a carpet company. Much more. Interface is its people – authentic people who bring their whole, undivided selves to work and to the world. We’re empowered to speak out, to stand out, and to reach out. Being genuine creates a foundation for trust and deep relationships, investing in “we” over “me” and creating a culture of inclusion. And not only the people within our company; we immerse in a more profound system that welcomes the wisdom of a network of Interface supporters and collaborators. We challenge ourselves to do the right thing, to be generous to people and to the planet we call home. Doing the greatest good possible – that’s the passion we share.



We have a fire in our belly, and it comes from knowing what’s possible when you’re willing to ask; What if? We want to wake up the industrial world to the power of possibility, for the greater good. So we lead through courageous actions, through beautiful products, and through telling our story. When we’re at our best, we’re not only a beacon – we’re the spark that helps others catch fire. That spark lives in each of us, as we seek to light the way for one another, for our communities, our industry, and for our world.



Interconnectedness is at the heart of all we do. After all, the genius of our product comes alive when carpet tiles connect into a beautiful, functional mosaic. We came to see our company that way too – one part of a broader picture – and that transformed us. Now, we understand the world in terms of systems, an intricate web of dependencies, and we think in partnerships, knowing none of us is as smart as all of us. Through collaboration with each other, design leadership and world-shaping visionaries, we do great things, together.



We’ll never forget that we’re building on a legacy. It began with a challenge to imagine a beautiful, livable future – a future catalyzed by business, where the relationship between human beings and the natural world has been fundamentally reshaped. To get there we’re taking the long view and the high road. We look to nature as our guide. While we can’t see every contour of our path, our vision is our compass, and we’re confident on our trajectory toward a better tomorrow.