The Sky's the Limit

Our flying carpet tile is far easier to install and maintain.

When it comes to covering new ground, Interface is always taking off in unexpected directions. But it wasn’t much of a stretch for our Research, Development and Sustainability teams to see that the high performance and award-winning aesthetics of our modular carpet tile made sense in the air. That’s how we came up with Sky-Tiles™, a revolutionary carpet system for commercial aircrafts. It was developed with our Mission Zero® goals in mind, while also adhering to the stringent performance and safety guidelines required in the commercial aircraft industry. 

Imagine an aircraft carpet tile that can lower the total cost of ownership, because it’s easy and fast to install (even with seats in place), generates less material waste, holds up to passenger traffic longer, can be selectively replaced when required, provides fewer part numbers for easier inventory and is recycled into new carpet tile at the end of its useful life. Sky-Tiles weigh no more than common aircraft woven wool broadloom; utilize solution dyed nylon patterns; can be cleaned easily; and are available in a wide variety of patterns and color combinations.

Sky-Tiles can also extend your brand into every space your business occupies—from airports and offices to cruise ships and trains. Interface has the custom-sized, high-performance, sustainable carpet options that let you achieve consistency and efficiency wherever you roam.