Why Not? Conference Explores the Value of Research

The 2013 Why Not? Conference, presented by Interface and Universal Fibers in late July, invited an elite group of 30 architects, interior designers, and design students to explore the core values that design practices will need to embrace in order to be successful today and into the future. The conference, which took place at Cavallo Point in Sausalito, Calif., featured thought-provoking speakers on the topics of Design Innovation, Expertise, Sustainability, Social Impact, and Leadership.

Expertise can be interpreted in numerous ways, and many design firms claim expertise by industry segment based on experience, such as knowledge of healthcare design, corporate design or education design. But expertise gained through quantitative research is seldom discussed in the A&D community and in fact many architects and interior designers are unlikely to quote hard data as a means to communicate the value of their services. Data, however can be a powerful tool, as Why Not? Speaker Christine Barber, explained.

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