Documenting a Legend

When asked how and why Magic Wig Productions Inc. decided to film their documentary about Ray Anderson and how he not only revolutionized his carpet tile company, but also changed the course of the industry, Leanne Robinson-Maine  simply says, “The answer to that question is a question: “How could we be in the video and filmmaking industry and NOT find a way to document and share with the world the inspiring story unfolding before our eyes?”

MagicWig saw first hand the changes that the company went through under Ray’s leadership: the initial reactions that “Ray had gone around the bend,” the growing pains involved in changing the culture, the steady embedding of sustainability into Interface’s DNA, and the emergence of a restorative mission for the company. And we have it all on tape. So, we were in a perfect position to use all of that archival footage to share Interface’s inspiring story of transformation with the world.

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