Interface Design Studio

A tailor-made service to accompany you in your projects

Tailor-made. Exclusive Service.

With a deep knowledge of Interface’s entire range and a wealth of design experience, our design team provides tailor made solutions. They specialise in large floorplates for diverse office, education and leisure spaces.

For projects of just 1000m2 or more our team can provide tailored design inspiration and product visualisation services. From support designing an entire floorplan, developing custom colours or even custom products.

Social distancing in the Workplace

The need for physical distancing will need some re-thinking of office spaces designed for connection and collaboration between people.

The Interface Design Studio have been exploring solutions for new and existing spaces. We have created standard arrows to drop into to your existing modular flooring, and bespoke wayfinding systems for new spaces.

We have created standard arrow inlays to guide people around a space, this offer has specific colours and 4 arrow shapes. We can dispatch between 1 and 100 tiles of each design in 1 week*.

We have also looked at wayfinding. Either by using different shapes inlayed into a single tile. Or using the Interface modular system for creating large scale patterns.

Need more help?
Get in touch with your Account Manager to arrange a social distancing consultation. We can also create other bespoke shapes to fit your needs.

*Terms and conditions apply.


Designer to designer.

No two projects are alike – every space has its own challenges. Creative floor designs are a truly impactful way to bring your design vision to life.

That’s where the Interface Design Studio comes in. Whether you’re just getting started or looking for design support in the home stretch, the Studio is here to help at any phase of the process with our fully complementary solution. Our team of trained designers are here to support architects and designers in finding beautiful, flooring solutions. Solutions which achieve your project requirements within your allocated budget.

We’re ready to help. Simply contact your Interface Account manager to find out more.

Imagine the (flooring) possibilities.

Inspiration is always the first step. Use our Floor Design Tool to spark ideas and share with others — it’s just a taste of what the Interface Design Studio can do.