Luxury Collection

For the moment.  In the moment.

In every life there are moments of perfect clarity. Moments when our hearts rue the day, our spirits soar and we’re connected with those we love. Moments of tranquillity, peace. Fulfilment. When we’re one with the world, and in touch with our purpose. When we realise that time is a luxury and every moment is treasured.

Memories of moments shared, of experiences savoured, of dreams realised and adventures completed. All these moments tell the stories of our being and illuminate the meaning of our reality.  As we strive for a better tomorrow, we can look back on the chapters of our lives. And the moments that defined us. Head in the clouds.  Feet on the ground.  Moments that have added to our stories with vivid colour and unshakable hope for the future. 

Join us on such a journey by leafing through the elaborate moments of our Luxury Collection. Discover beautiful spaces where memories can live. To define your story. And celebrate our world.

1m x 1m Squares

50cm x 1m Planks

Inspired by the past. Inspiring the future.

With the passing of time, memorable events are revived. Each edit makes the memory more rewarding. The Luxury Collection elevates how a space can look and feel. Redefining what’s possible when great design meets truly restorative manufacturing practices.

This moment is the perfect time to connect. Discover why Interface’s products are better and how they empower you to create spaces which make people happier and our planet healthier.  

Luxury is time well spent. Your choices can transform the world.