Fading Tracks

The promise of infinite arrangements

Just like a mixing studio that creates tracks by weaving together riffs and notes, instruments and vocals to offer unlimited musical possibilities, Fading Tracks delivers seemingly endless design options which harmonise perfectly with any space.

Fading Tracks is a unique flooring solution in its category. That’s because it is a design-driven system which facilitates dispersed transitions, enabling areas of flooring to segue subtly from one pattern to the next. Soft and organic with linear blends, the range features eight base neutral colours with specific coordinated accent colours which complement them precisely. By allowing different products to be fused together rhythmically, the product offering is capable of enhancing a truly broad spectrum of environments.

As a result, Fading Tracks delivers the ability to compose unique floors and create gentle, harmonious transitions that are always aesthetically pleasing, carbon-neutral and will transform any space into a positive space. Now, isn’t that music to your ears?

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