Zoom out. Way out, to the very edge of Earth’s reach. Look down from that perspective, and what you see, is a fusion of blurred edges. Colours, on this planetary scale, blend and fade beautifully as only nature can. Indigenous transitions of the layers between ocean and land, the gradations of low to highlands and the tonal shifts from mountain ranges towards ever changing skies.

The biosphere supports every aspect of life on Earth. Covering each continent, merging all regions and nations into one. Discerning no man-made edges, continuously working over aeons of time. These subtle washes of tone, colouring the amazing contrasts of land, ocean and sky, inspired our latest collection, Biosphere. Like breath-taking views from the far edges of the earth, its textures merge with subtle layering effects. By adding a beautiful range of colour variation, it captures nature’s most inspiring elements.

Now more than ever, we know that damage to our biosphere creates untold problems for us and the life we share our planet with. For today and tomorrow, human industry simply has to evolve and turn towards preserving our fragile life support system. In creating our products we’ve put this awareness front and centre.

This is a path Interface has been on for 25 years now – one journey which leads us forwards. From our mission of having no negative impact on the environment to today’s Climate Take Back™, it will continue to inspire us to do only good for our planet.

Biosphere is 100% carbon neutral, like all Interface products. Our Carbon Neutral Floors™ help you make a positive impact on people’s lives and on the biosphere. It is another key step towards Climate Take Back™, our mission to run our business in a way that reverses global warming.

It’s a truly positive story that will continue to evolve and inspire. As an industrial and technology leader, Interface always continues to reach further. To demonstrate in every way how a business can be highly successful yet do no harm – and even give back to nature. How every business can. It’s time to make preserving the biosphere everyone’s priority. To strive for a more sustainable future, because our lives depend on it.

Water Inspired Colourline

Land Inspired Colourline

Sky Inspired Colourline