Aerial Collection

Aerial Collection

A view of the city from above gives us the unique opportunity to witness connectivity in action; a web of links that both fascinates and assures us. In the Aerial Collection, a simple neutral palette travels new paths when several hues tangle together in each colourway, bringing this inspiration to life.

The construction of AE310™, a 50cm x 50cm square tile, recalls the warp and weft of a hand-woven textile. AE312™ adds strands of color to light up that texture. AE311™ and AE313™, 25cm x 1m Skinny Planks™, bring a more painterly movement to the collection, like brush strokes across the floor with AE313 introducing a subtle wash of colors to the neutral base of AE311.

Aerial Flying Colours introduces two more styles to the Aerial Planks offering—AE315™ and AE317™, along with more colourways for AE311™. Use AE315™ to blend a spray of colour to a neutral ground, creating that signature Interface transition tile, or cast a soft hue across the entire floor. Use AE317™ to make a bold leap with a vibrant, mixed-hue approach to each colourway.

With its multi-faceted design and coordinated palette throughout all four styles, the Aerial Collection creates a network of design possibilities simply waiting to be discovered!

Aerial Flying Colours