In time.
In budget.
Whatever your space.

Introducing QuickShip from Interface.
With over 125 popular designs.
All dispatched within 1 week.

Providing flexibility for whatever your budget. Whatever your deadline.

With our unique modular system of carpet and LVT, you can get creative with simple yet striking design ideas, mixing colour, patterns and textures in building your +Positive spaces™. Spaces people love to work in, live in, and be in.

Carpet tiles & LVT | In budget | 1 week dispatch

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  • Product AE310   Color Greige, Mist, Ink   Installed Ashlar
  • Product AE310   Color Iron   Installed Non Directional  Product AE311   Color Mist   Installed Ashlar
  • Collection Net Effect   Product B601 Colours Pacific, Atlantic    Product B602 Colours Pacific, Atlantic   Product B603   Colours Pacific, Atlantic    Installed Pattern by Tile
  • Collection World Woven   Product Collins Cottage   Color Hound Black   Installed Non Directional  
  • Product Ground Waves   Colour Gravel / Colors   Installed Ashlar
  • Collection Human Nature    Product HN810 Color Limestone   Product HN840 Color Limestone   Product HN850 Color Limestone    Product HN830 Color Clementine   Installed Ashlar
  • Product Mod Café   Colour Star Linen    ProductMod Café    ColourStar Natural   Installed Monolithic
  • Product Raw   Colour Depot   Installed Non Directional
  • Collection Urban Retreat Product UR101 Colour Flax / Grass  Product UR102  Colour Flax   Product UR103  ColourGrass   Installed Pattern by Tile

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