Climate Action: New Sky Energy

Transforming industrial waste into valuable resources

New Sky Energy’s CarbonCycle is an internationally patented process that captures chemical waste products and converts them into clean chemicals. Physicist and CEO Deane Little spent years developing a process for sustainable carbon capture. He invented a technology that used water electrolysis to turn water, carbon dioxide and inexpensive salts into hydrogen, oxygen, sulfuric acid and sodium hydroxide. It is a truly carbon negative process that also produces big commodity chemicals. A win-win for sustainability and the business.

Their proprietary process converts CO2 and waste salt water into carbon-negative chemicals. Its reactor splits salt water into a base that can be combined with captured CO2 from the air, flue gas or other exhausts, converting it into clean chemicals that are widely used in industry and agriculture.  


New Sky Energy’s customers act as both buyer and supplier, benefiting from onsite conversion of their industrial waste products into clean chemicals. The outputs are comparable in price to the conventional chemicals they replace, enabling customers to reduce waste, save money, and cut their carbon footprint-a closed loop in action.