Discover 4 Beautiful,
High Performance Flooring Collections

Designed to work beautifully.
Take our Naturally Weathered collection of carpet tiles. Designed to look well worn and built to last this product equips you with a time-worn palette featuring 8 highly variegated neutrals that explore every aspect of the colour grey in our appropriately proportioned Skinny Planks™ format.

Redefining affordable design without the compromise.
Works Unite the latest addition to our Works Series innovatively fuses contrasting, linear and organic patterns, seamlessly merging them into a plank format. Texture is grouped with height variation to deliver a monolithic floor without any monotony, ideal for large expansive office areas.

We’ve re-imagined how colour can be used in hard surface flooring.
Featuring 13 hues, Studio Set is your go-to source of colour inspiration and a perfect match to our beautiful carpet tiles. Interface’s modular system moves people with life changing design, effortlessly from hard to soft flooring without transition strips.

We design products that help people think.
As its names suggests Biosphere is a beautiful carpet tile inspired by breath-taking views of nature from the far edges of the earth. Textures merge with subtle layers and bold colour variants to create variation and movement a cornerstone of Biophilc Design. Inspired by nature and committed to creating a climate fit for life we strive for a more sustainable future, because our lives depend on it.

Our products are designed to last longer. Because we care about the resources we use.
We’ve made it easier for you to create healthier, longer-lasting spaces, that offer better value for money long-term. All our products are backed up by a 15 Year Warranty, find our more here. Our  Carbon Neutral Floors™ program applies as standard to every customer, at no extra cost. Its there to help them meet their own sustainability goals while also allowing them to reduce the emissions impact of their projects or spaces.

Skinny Planks

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