Natural Analogues

Natural Analogue Patterns focus on the organic, non-living and implied elements of nature in a space. These natural representations; the textures, ageing processes, natural geometries, materials, colours, shapes, sequences and patterns found in the natural world; provide an indirect sense of the great outdoors. Utilising the gentle, ordered or complex art of nature in our design; in textile patterns, biomimicry, decor, artwork, furniture, surfaces and grain of materials; can trigger our biophilic human link to nature and therefore inspire a rich or perhaps subtle or subconscious sense of well-being. Terrapin Bright Green have found that greater biophilic connections are achieved by combining elements of the analogous patterns, which are:

8. Biomorphic Forms & Patterns – Symbolic representations within the design of the patterns, shapes, textures or numerical arrangements found in nature.

9. Material Connection with Nature – Using materials, grains, textures and elements in design that distinctly reflect the environment to create an overarching sense of the natural world.

10. Complexity & Order – An abstract but visually appealing concept that uses the rich sensory information of the symmetries, hierarchies and geometries found in nature, within design.

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