Renovisions – The ingenious furniture lifting system

Renovisions® is an innovative furniture lifting system. It enables carpet tiles to be replaced with minimal disruption to staff and the work area. Used by flooring professionals, the jacking system lifts workstations, filing cabinets and other office furniture. This means old carpet tiles can be removed and new ones installed in one simple process.

The furniture stays in place and all the wiring remains connected, saving time and hassle for staff, the building manager and the installer. It's even possible to eliminate downtime altogether by replacing the carpet outside working hours. The staff leaves in the evening like they normally would, and return the following day to brand new carpet – and not a thing out of place.

Renovisions benefits:

- No dismantling or reassembling of furniture

- No boxing or crating the contents of desks or work surfaces

- No disconnected telephones, computers and electrical equipment

- No disruption in the workplace

- No coordination issues