We Manufacture Locally

Manufacturing locally is about setting down roots. We manufacture our modular carpet tiles locally in the Asia and Oceania regions.  For customers from these regions, you can be proud of contributing to our local economies while also contributing to sustainability with less transportation costs and resources to get from our factories to your offices, schools, libraries and hospitals.

In Australia, the Picton manufacturing plant was opened in 1971 under the Heuga brand, the inventor of carpet tiles in the 1950s. Interface acquired the Heuga band in 1988 and operated its Australian manufacturing business from this site until July 2012, when fires destroyed the factory. It was beyond repair, and the business relocated to a newly built state-of-the-art facility in southwest Sydney in Minto, NSW where carpet tile is manufactured from beginning to end, including inspection, boxing and shipment.

In Thailand, our Chonburi facility is the first LEED-accredited manufacturing facility in Thailand and fits right into the local culture. In accordance with local custom, the Interface manufacturing facility in Thailand has a Buddhist temple at the factory entrance. The company asks local Buddhist monks to bless the people and machinery at the factory each month.

Interface also has manufacturing facilities in China, the Netherlands, the UK and the USA. We live where we work, and are invested in the success of communities because we’re part of them. It’s part of our ethos, a global ethos matched with local pride, and if you value local manufacturing, we’re proud to be of service.