Modular Carpet Tile in Healthcare

It’s all about caring ­– and Interface’s flooring solutions for healthcare facilities show all the ways we care, from offering therapeutic benefits to contributing to happier and healthier patients and staff. The versatile designs of our modular carpet tiles can facilitate hospitals, clinics, medical offices, care homes and aged care facilities to be places of healing and comfort, whether through bright, bold and happy colours or soothing hues to create tranquil sanctuaries.

In addition to creating environments where people feel uplifted and at home, our heavy-duty flooring suits the needs of healthcare providers. That means safety first. Excellent traction helps prevent slips and falls. There’s easy transition between patient rooms and corridors. Carpets have low resistance to wheelchairs and carts, preventing wrinkling, buckling and over-exertion, a leading cause of lower back injury. Underfoot comfort reduces the fatigue of patients, visitors and especially hardworking nurses, doctors and carers, constantly on their feet. Unique cushioning technology absorbs impacts and reduces the risk of fall-related injuries. Unwanted sound is addressed through noise reduction technology that reduces sound in the immediate vicinity as well as for rooms below, making for quiet, calm and less stressful environments.

Our carpets are healthy and hygienic. They improve indoor air quality and are suitable for people suffering asthma or allergies. Antimicrobial technology protects carpets from the harmful effects of bacteria and keeps odours and mould at bay.

Finally, Interface carpets have operational benefits and help budget pressures. They reduce time spent by staff on cleaning and maintenance. Carpet tiles are hard-wearing, long-lasting, stain and fade resistant, unaffected by harsh cleaning chemicals, and any replacement and installation is efficient, waste-free, economical and so easy, it eliminates disruptions or relocations.