Designed for Co-working, Shared and Managed Spaces

COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent restrictions have made us to spend most of our time indoors. Hence workplace interiors that provide health, hygiene and well-being are more important than ever. A future-ready workspace is an ecosystem of de-densified spaces that are not only functional but are also meaningful, experiential, and more productive.

It’s a well-known fact that nothing impacts the look and feel of a space like the flooring you choose. Besides the aesthetics of a room, flooring also reflects the level of comfort.

Interface modular flooring helps you design the perfect, safe and hygienic ambience for your co-working/shared or managed spaces. Different textures and floor designs can be effectively combined to indicate the purpose of each area and make it easy for occupants to find their way around the office. Our floor designs offer flexibility to create your own meeting places, private corners, and your own rhythms as per your brand aesthetics. We can customize the designs as per your need and preferences.

The flooring products that we sell including carpet tile, LVT and nora®; rubber are carbon neutral across their full product life cycle through our third-party verified Carbon Neutral Floors™ program. This indicates our commitment to developing sustainable solutions that meet the highest standards in hygiene, well-being, indoor air quality and durability.

Quickship I Ready Stock

Creativity should never be compromised, but what can you do when time is of the essence? Rely on our QuickShip.

  • Multiple solutions for your space.
    All dispatched within 5 working days.
    Providing flexibility for whatever your budget. Whatever your deadline.

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Social distancing - Tile Inlay Offering

The need for physical distancing requires some re-thinking of office spaces designed for connection and collaboration between people. ​
We have created standard arrows to drop into your existing modular flooring and bespoke wayfinding systems for new spaces. The tile inlays guide occupants to move around the space in a better way.

Carpet Tiles - Value Collection

Modular carpet tiles are 4 times more efficient as compared to broadloom carpet. Modular tiles are not only easy to fit, but they are also much easier to replace the same color & design after years of use. Check out the products below:


LVT, or luxury vinyl tile, is a type of modular vinyl flooring. It offers long-lasting performance and is widely used in offices, commercial, healthcare and retail spaces that need to withstand high traffic. Check out the products below:

Flooring that is made for forward-thinking workspaces

Our modular flooring helps you meet the evolving needs of forward-thinking workspaces, as they need a variety of spaces for their robust operations. Create highly functional and safe managed offices to comply with social distancing norms, all capable of responding as things change.

We offer the choice of colours, patterns, textures and formats to help create these spaces, and the flexibility to adapt them quickly and cost-effectively.

Our modular carpet flooring helps in keeping the noise down and concentration up. They are slip resistant, fire-resistant, and free from any allergy causing chemicals. Learn more about: