Climate Action: Carbon8 Systems

Turning today’s waste into the building blocks of tomorrow

Carbon8 Systems uses a revolutionary process that combines waste CO2 and thermal waste to create a carbon-negative aggregate that is then used to create the construction materials for the buildings of tomorrow – locking carbon in for good within our built environment. Using just 20% of the wastes available in Europe, Carbon8 has the potential to permanently capture over 1 million tons of CO2 per year.

While energy is used in the process, the amount of CO2 captured exceeds the amount generated through manufacture, meaning that this is a genuinely carbon negative process.


For waste producers this is a great opportunity to deliver a zero waste to landfill ambition. One plant, Lakeside Energy in Colnbrook, has sent no waste to landfill for 18 months since partnering with Carbon8 Aggregates.

For the construction trade this is an opportunity to reduce the embodied carbon contents of their buildings, and for the planet it means CO2 being actively locked into a solid form for good and less extraction of aggregates from the natural environment.

Carbon8 has turned a process on its head. Where previously every block, beam or slab that went into the built environment meant more CO2 being pumped out into the world, now the opposite is true.

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