TacTiles and Adhesives


We recommend TacTiles connectors for GlasBac® and GlasBacRE backing systems. These revolutionary, glue-free adhesive squares adhere tiles to one another and create a "floating" floor. There are no liquid components, so VOCs are virtually eliminated and there is no odour. TacTiles connectors let you install carpet almost anywhere, any time.

Use: Interface GlasBac and GlasBacRE

Spread Rates: "Full Spread" install (every corner): 125 sy/roll (500 TacTiles per roll)

TacTiles for GlasBac/GlasBacRE -Download the Specification Sheet

InterTac Plus Adhesive

The Interface product warranty can be void if an adhesive system other than InterTac™ Pressure Sensitive Adhesive or TacTiles™ are used. This is especially relevant if the requirements specific to your region and the Interface Installation Manual recommendation in regard to substrate moisture and pH content are not closely followed.

InterTac™ is a water based pressure sensitive adhesive especially manufactured for the installation of Interface products. It has excellent coverage, adhesion and release capabilities and is suited to application by roller.
InterTac™ is also formulated with Intersept® bicocide which works as a mould inhibitor.

Use: Interface GlasBac, GlasBacRE and CushionBacRE