Base Build – Aligning Luxury with Sustainability

Through Net-Works, our pioneering regeneration project in the Philippines & Cameroon, we can now transform more end of life products into new, long-lasting carpet tiles & Planks. A direct result of our desire to create sustainable change through partnership and progress.

We’re committed to giving more people greater access to stimulating workplaces that have a positive impact on well-being. We’re taking inspiration from the natural world to help us achieve this. Traditionally, buildings have been designed to alienate us from nature. At Interface, we are driving forward the principles of Bioliphic design, an innovative way to integrate nature into the workplace, to reconnect employees with the uplifting elements of the natural world.

Embracing green architecture enables us to introduce soft textiles with a premium feel to the built environment. Warm textural elements that harmonise with the natural light to create a more friendly, homely and relaxing environment.


Our powerfully simple solutions are helping our partners make more value-based decisions, and our dedication to innovation has produced a premium range that is sustainable, luxurious & softer underfoot – creating a calmer, more relaxing environment by reducing ambient noise.

We’re developing strategies that are transforming the industry and protecting the environment. Accelerating global access to meaningful innovations is helping us achieve our Mission Zero pledge, which is to be totally sustainable – and ultimately restorative - by 2020. This commitment has allowed us to reach our goal of using 100% recycled yarn - through our ReEntry process - while increasing the pile weight. This gives the Premium Base Build collection its characteristic depth and quality.

We are a company with a clear vision and strong foundations. All Premium Base Build products are manufactured in one place: our factory in Australia. Strengthening our resolve to have a positive impact on the environment by working more effectively.

Product Details

Designing for a premium space can be challenging. Our collection has been structured into 4 inspiring styles, to help design a seamless floor with the narrative of the surrounding architecture -
creating flow, rhythm and harmony.

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