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Hi-tech meet Hi-touch.

Welcome to Interface Ireland.

By definition, we are the world's largest manufacturer of commercial carpet tile. We lead the industry with design, innovation and sustainability. We are proud of our achievements in sustainability. For example, we have decreased CO2-emissions in our European manufacturing locations by 98% since 1996 and use zero water in our production process.

Every carpet tile installation offers the benefits of modularity: less waste during installation, selective replacement and easy maintenance. Our TacTiles® glue-free installation system gets rid of the smell and mess of liquid adhesives during installation.

Design has come a long way since we invented the carpet tile in the 1950s. Our modular carpet is available in squares as well as Skinny Planks and can be used to establish a wide range of aesthetics, from a uniform wall-to-wall installation to eclectic 'design-by-tile'. Our designs are informed by science as well as trends.

At Interface, we continuously try to learn from nature. As an example, we use biomimicry when creating new products. Random designs are one of the results: carpet tiles that can be installed in a random pattern and replaced without matching dye lots, decreasing waste and saving time during installation and the life of the product.


Interface Ireland
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Dublin 8

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