+Positive spaces will make the planet healthier

Our aim is always to develop products that have a positive impact on people’s lives, their spaces and the planet. So our commitment goes beyond improving built environments.

We’ve set ourselves a mission to contribute to the space that nurtures us all: our planet. We are optimistic about reversing global warming, and are taking steps to create a climate fit for life. We call our mission Climate Take Back™.

An evolving ambition

More than 20 years ago, we set our first environmental challenge: Mission Zero®, a promise to eliminate any negative impact our company has by 2020. We radically redesigned our organisation, our products and the way we do business – and, so far, we’ve passed many milestones on the journey.

But now, with this goal in sight, we’ve started to look beyond 2020. We’ve realised we can do more than avoid negative impact; we can have a positive impact. Humans have the power to change our whole planet – together, we have the tools and the ingenuity. Billions of people need a climate fit for life, and we really can create it.

This is Climate Take Back, and it’s much bigger than Interface. Turning climate change from negative to positive is the work of more than one company. We’ll need help, but we can do it.

Climate Take Back – the four pillars

Climate Take Back starts with changing how we think. It’s about optimism. Optimism that we can reverse the impact of global warming – by taking carbon from the atmosphere and using it in our products, and doing this in ways that support the planet that supports us.

So creating a climate fit for life is a big idea. To help us achieve it, we’ve broken it down into four pillars…

Carbon Neutral Floors

All our products are now Carbon Neutral Floors™. So choosing Interface flooring is an easy way to lower your own carbon footprint.

Join the Climate Take Back

Climate Take Back proves there are many ways we can tackle climate change – and that we really can do it. But we need other organisations to join us.

If you want to help create a climate fit for life, you can get involved by signing up to our newsletter – or find us on Twitter @InterfaceInc #ClimateTakeBack.