CQuest™ Backings

Backings that give back

We are on a mission to lower the carbon footprint of your space.

Guided by materials science, we’ve added new thinking and innovative new materials to make backings with a much lower carbon footprint.

First, we added new bio-based materials, and more recycled content to our backings. Then, we measured how these materials influence the carbon footprint. These new materials, measured on a stand-alone basis, are net carbon negative – greatly reducing our carbon footprint.

Introducing our CQuest™ Backings line:
CQuest™Bio - CQuest™Bio is made with a bio-composite, containing bio-based and recycled fillers. These materials, when measured on a standalone basis are net carbon negative.

CQuest™BioX - Our backing that stores the most carbon. It's the same material make-up as CQuest™Bio with a higher concentration of carbon negative materials.

Our First Carbon Negative Carpet Tile

Introducing our first carbon negative carpet tile.
The latest milestone in Interface’s Climate Take Back mission to help you reduce the carbon footprint of your space. Our Embodied Beauty™ carpet tile collection contains three carbon negative styles; Shishu Stitch™, Tokyo Texture™, and Zen Stitch™ that use our new CQuest™BioX backing.
CQuest™BioX combines new bio-based materials that are carbon negative alongside increased levels of recycled content. When combined with specialty yarns and tufting processes, this results in a carbon negative carpet tile from cradle to gate.
Shishu Stitch™, Tokyo Texture™, and Zen Stitch™ part of our Embodied Beauty™ carpet tile collection each have a carbon footprint of -0.3 kg CO2/m2 (cradle to gate).

Flash Line – our carbon negative microtuft carpet tile

Flash Line is our first carbon negative microtuft product, when measured cradle to gate.

Designed using a combination of specialty yarns and our unique tufting processes, Flash Line comes as standard on our CQuest™BioX backing. The tightly constructed microtuft carpet tile uses less yarn to produce, carries 100% recycled yarn and contains 86% recycled and bio-based content.

Flash Line joins Zen Stitch™, Tokyo Texture™ and Shishu Stitch™ from our Embodied Beauty™ collection as part of our carbon negative carpet tile portfolio.

CQuest™Bio Backing​

We now use CQuest™Bio backings on all our carpet tiles. This new bio-composite backing is carbon negative and helps reduce the carbon footprint of our carpet tiles by an average of 33%, with no compromise on quality.

Thanks to CQuest™Bio backings, our carpet tile products now have an average of 88% recycled and bio-based content, they are suitable for reuse and they’re easily recycled to make new backings at the end of their life too.

CQuest™Bio is available as standard on all of our carpet tiles.